We help people sell their home in a way that gets remembered.

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RKZ Studio


Creative brokerage 

Studios is our full-service in-house marketing and production hub that allows us to create unique, high-impact content strategically designed to resonate with the largest real estate audience in the world.

headquarterS based IN Amsterdam; SERVING sellers, bUyers and developers


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By telling engaging real estate stories and disrupting the digital space, we are redefining how we connect with the market and bring buyers and sellers together. Via blogs, vlogs, mini-websites. Everything we do is to sell our house for the best price . 

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We create unique and high-impact content. Check out our RKZ Tours, Blog, Vlog or educational videos.

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We ensure that our one-of-a-kind experiential events are memorable, high-impact, and results-driven. 

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Sit down and enjoy our unique RKZ Tours, DIY movies, real estate photography, artist impressions, VR tours and more. Have fun!

I'm a realtor and creative who sells home by telling stories, which stand out online. Since starting this studio in 2008, I've helped hundreds of people sell and rent out their home.

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Founder, Marketer, Creative Director & Certified Stylist. Passionate about Design and Real Estate

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“Rosalie and her team were fantastic. The styled our property to the max, made beautiful photos and a tour with Mark. Our home was sold within 1 week.”

 — Paul Smith

“We wouldn't be more thrilled with the services RKZ Studio provided. Their aesthetic is unmistakable and on point.” — Liam

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